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If you've been watching videos about Playlist Live 2014 and you've been seeing a Dinosaur and a Gorilla popping up, that was us! We brought Kojo the Baby T-Rex and Baka the Mountain Gorilla down to playlist live to scare Youtubers and Fans alike. You can see us already on BFvsGF, CTFxC, FunforLouis and a bunch of other channels from the last few days, and be sure to head on over to our channel as we're currently editing some full length videos showcasing our antics at PlayList Live!

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 06:15

Animatronic Lowland Gorilla Suit

We're currently working on a new animations gorilla suit, capable of lifelike movements and detailed facial expressions using a radio control system. This suit will be perfect for use in films, tv and commercials. You can get the shot you need without having to actually use a live gorilla. Not only does that insure safety of your cast/crew and the animal itself, but it will save a lot of paperwork and hassles from animal rights groups. 

For more information on this suit and when it will be available, please fill out the form below. 

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  • @KHAent: @AXE if you guys ever want to go the Prehistoric route we've got a giant animatronic T-Rex costume that's great for commercials ;)
  • @KHAent: @axe @dodge @blackberry glad to see such big brands supporting a TV SciFi franchise @defianceworld @syfy
  • @KHAent: @Htc @Samsung @Apple guys, lets eliminate Vertical Video Syndrome. When starting a recording vertically, put a popup "Turn 90º or press OK"


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