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Jan 31, 2013 Written by
Full Cast and Credits:   Cast (In on the prank): Tayo O. Melissa Javorek Kojo The Interviewees (in order of appearance): Randy Memoli Lisa Sheremet Khrystin R. Ricki Fluhr Tayo O.  Crew: Cameraman: Saad AnsariAssistant Cameraman: Billy Brenner Produced by: KHA Entertainment Animals Provided By: Wild…
Jan 02, 2013 Written by
We decided to take Kojo to a local Zoo and see how people would react. Well, as usual people loved him! Especially the kids. The other animals in the zoo however were not so sure what to make of him. Check out our new video below…
Dec 26, 2012 Written by
Kojo is back to his prankster ways and this time he's in New Jersey! Check out his newest prank video below, as well as a look behind the scenes of Jurassic Prank 2. 
Dec 13, 2012 Written by
A playboy playmate that is! We took Kojo over to the park today to meet Playboy Playmate Britany Nola (Miss November 2012)! Check out the photos below and be sure to check back soon for the video from today's shoot! 
Dec 10, 2012 Written by
These are some of the most awe inspiring aerial videos you will ever see! All of these were captured by Multi-Rotor aircraft, similar to what we use for our aerial video services.  When paired with a FPV setup (First Person View) it allows the pilot…
Dec 05, 2012 Written by
We've gotten several emails since the Jurassic Prank video went up asking if we will be bringing Kojo to San Diego for Comic Con 2013.  While nothing is set in stone, we would love nothing more then to bring him there!  If you want to…
Dec 04, 2012 Written by
Whoa! What a response we have gotten from the Jurassic Prank video! It's going viral alright. We already broke off youtube and onto Yahoo News,, Ebaumsworld, MSN, RightThisMinute and a whole bunch of other entertainment sites.  We are extremely happy that everyone is enjoying…
Dec 04, 2012 Written by
We just took Kojo on a road trip to Columbus Ohio where we spent the weekend filming with Roman Atwood, Dennis Roady and Chase of Sketch Empire! The video just went live today. Be sure to take a look over at the Sketch Empire youtube…
Nov 27, 2012 Written by
Our facebook fan page is up and running and we're already getting lots of likes carrying over from our NY Comic Con video! Go check out our page at and be sure to click "Like" so you can stay informed as to what's going…
Oct 27, 2012 Written by
We took Kojo out for a night at the club, and of course he stole the show! He had a blast on the dance floor and even entered a costume contest. Check out the video below!
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